Here is our collaborative effort to wish you happy holidays this season.
Season(ing) greetings, everyone!!

We joined forces once again and experimented this time with risograph animation!
Starting from an original digital illustration, we brought it to life and print every single frame of the animation with the printing technique of the risograph, using only three layered colors.

The theme of this hotpot of skills was food, as the element that connects us all during the holiday season.

Those lovely original and unique riso-printed frames are still available for purchase for 15 CHF each. Drop us a line at to get yours!

Also, look for #blablaue on Social Media to find and use the animated sticker of this hotpot :)
You want to know MORE about this project?
Here are some Instagram posts and reels where we show and talk about the entire process:
- Video recap of the entire process
- numbers behind the project

Illustration by Francesca Sanna
Traditional Animation by Giulia Martinelli
After Effects Animation by Miriam Palopoli
Risograph Files by Francesca Sanna
Printing by Giulia Martinelli & Francesca Sanna
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