Houseplant Journal
For plant lovers, or for those who want to get to know better their green friends
A houseplant journal and planner to keep track of growth.

A5, 30 pages, riso printed, handmade in Zurich by Giulia
20-ish copies available (3 with white cover)
15 CHF each (+ shipping)

Limited edition: only 40 copies of them, and they are all unique
/  most of them have a natural recycled cover and a few are white.
"I started to make trackers for myself for practical reasons, while learning how to take care of my plants.
A real routine developed around my houseplants, making me discover a new way for self-care:
allowing myself to dedicate meditative time to take things slow, think, listen to my silent green friends, embracing the rhythms of life."

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