Houseplant Journal
For plant lovers, or for those who want to get to know better their green friends
A houseplant journal and planner to keep track of growth.

A5, 30 pages, riso printed, handmade in Zurich by Giulia
40 copies available (5 with white cover)
15 CHF each (+ shipping)

Limited edition: only 40 copies of them, and they are all unique
/  most of them have a natural recycled cover and a few are white.

They are also going to be sold at the Kunstmarkt
organized by Support Your Local Artist in Karl Deer Grosse, Zurich
on the 3rd of September.
"I started to make trackers for myself for practical reasons, while learning how to take care of my plants.
A real routine developed around my houseplants, making me discover a new way for self-care:
allowing myself to dedicate meditative time to take things slow, think, listen to my silent green friends, embracing the rhythms of life."

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