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Like plants, we require some level of attention and care in order to thrive.

I appreciated, in 2022, the Time I got to spend with some beings, realizing once again that it is the most precious gift we can give to someone (and to ourselves).

And not any "time": I mean some quality time = being patient and present in the moment, listening and engaging without distractions.
Thank you to all of those who gifted me some of their time this year, thanks for beautiful encounters, new and old friendships, deep conversations, and childish lightness.

So here is my wish for this winter holidays, for the end of the year, for me and for all of you:
I don't wish you fancy sparkly gifts under the tree, but rather quality time with the best people around you.
Build deeper connections, strengthen your roots.
On top of that,
this little animation is actually my very first approach to interactivity, and the first time my design meets code. I upload the link on my website > experimental section.
-a fancier page will come soon-
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