Mastering Dynamic Poses:
the Ultimate Guide for Artists and Models
Do you want to learn how to create dynamic and original poses that bring your subjects to life and improve your storytelling?
In this class I merge my experience as an animator, illustrator, and model, to bring you the top tips and secrets for creating poses that are both dynamic and authentic/unique.

Who this Class is For:
Whether you're an artist looking to improve your character poses, a photographer searching for more interesting compositions, or a model wanting to nail your next photo shoot or life-drawing session, this class is for you!

No special materials are required to follow along – simply use your preferred tool, whether it's a pencil and paper, or a camera. Through a combination of step-by-step instructions, practical examples, and insider tips, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed to create dynamic poses that are unique and original.

Through this unique perspective, I have discovered how these seemingly distinct fields interconnect, allowing me to develop a deep understanding of the nuances and subtleties that make a pose truly dynamic and captivating.
This class is not just about mastering the human body but also about creating harmonic compositions. I'll break down the class into easy-to-follow tips that will help you create poses that are both dynamic and authentic.
This is not a class about anatomy or a particular technique, but we will analyze poses that work and are aesthetically pleasing.

Together with the class, you will get a Recap .pdf with the most important concepts and takeaways, and some extra sketches and slides.

What You'll Learn:
At the end of this class, you'll be able to apply my tips to your illustration, animation, or photos.
You'll learn how to convey emotions and expressions through body language and how to create poses that are unique and original. No matter what your preferred tool is, whether it's a pen or a camera, this class is for you.

Join me in this class and take your posing skills to the next level!

A video class is not for you? I put together the key takeaways from this class, with images and examples,  in a downloadable .pdf that you can purchase HERE
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