I love making zines!

what are zines? --> self-published small booklets, in my case filled with illustration, comics and fun facts.

They are little passion projects I like to create every now and then. 
I usually print a small number of them (50 or 100), so they are limited editions, which is also the beauty of them.
Zines are great not only because they are instant, unique and cheap, but also because they can reach everyone. For this reason I want here to give a second life to my old zines and put them on the internet, available as downloadables and printables.

Choose the one you like, download it, print it, fold it. Here is your zine :)
How to fold a zine:
For each zine I provide you both an A3 and A4 format. You can choose the one you prefer and the one that your printer can handle! Most of them also work in black and white, so you do not need to worry about ink!

here is a little tutorial about how to fold a A3 or A4 and turn in instantly into a book, without the need of glue.
Just folds and one simple cut are necessary:

I made a circus zine when I met the welcoming community of acrobats in Zurich.
It started like a fun inktober and I ended up creating a zine. It features many quirky and funny circus characters, presented one after the other, like in a show. (No animals in this circus!) 

02. TORRENTE zine
zine in italiano su mio padre e sul tema del lutto.
Un pezzo personale, che però parla di un dolore universale.

04. ZZZine
a zine about sleep
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