City Adventures:
Animate your Local Charm with Procreate Dreams
• How to use Procreate Dreams features such as performance tool, flipbook tool, masks, blending modes, flipbook, and frame-by-frame animation
• How to plan composition over live-action footage
• How to stabilize your footage with After Effects
• How to create animations that interact with the live-action surroundings
• How to export and share videos and stills
• How to push your newly acquired skills to the next level
Why You Should Take This Class
 This class is an occasion to learn animation over video, while at the same time re-discover your city with new eyes, and express your creativity through animated postcards. The course will also guide you step by step through the features and shortcuts of Procreate Dreams, making the animation experience fun and available to anyone.
Who This Class is For
The class is tailored to a broad audience, offering different levels of difficulty, when it comes to animation techniques, and giving inputs to push the skills forward. This course is for every creative person who wants to have fun animating over video while exploring the app Procreate Dreams.
Material and Resources
Although Procreate Dreams and an iPad will be used for the demonstrations of this class, the skills taught apply to other animation tools as well. This class comes with resources: you’ll have access to a secret Pinterest board for inspiration and a recap .pdf with the Key learnings, and useful links

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